Commission Status: OPEN

Looking for Commission Info?

Commission your own set of gorgeous pleated pillows. Or the coordinating faux fur/velvet blanket. Or both. Both are good.

I am currently offering 30 commission slots through Ko-Fi. Once these slots are gone, I’ll work through the queue and then reopen once the 30th slot has been cleared.

No Commission Slots Available?

No worries!

I’m currently in the process of creating a subscription-based Ko-Fi to launch after the Youtube Channel goes live. Higher tiers will have the chance to “cut in line” with commissions. This may be a better option for you when it comes to timing. I have limited commission slots because my hands sometimes need a break. I do a lot of typing. (I should probably stop.)

Not willing to wait?

Sometimes I find colors of silk I personally adore. If I don’t have the space for the blanket or pillow duo, or it’s a prototype, I’ll list the product in my Ko-Fi Store.

Commission Item Pricing

The Lux Bundle

$1,250 (includes shipping)

faux fur throw with dupioni silk back

Faux Fur w/ Silk Throw

$500 (includes shipping)

* Velvet is also an option!

Smocked Silk Pillow Duo

$1,000 (includes shipping)

Why So Expensive?

Supplies, labor, and shipping are the main culprits here. I start with high-quality, handmade dupioni silk (around 25$ a yard) and high-quality high-pile faux fur (also around 25$ a yard).

Time is another major player. Each pillow takes approximately 25 hours a piece from start to finish. Inner cushions are created from scratch.

Last, but not least is Shipping. To ship a pillow duo from Seattle to New Haven, CT is $50 with shipping discounts. I wish I was kidding. I’ve included shipping in my pricing.

If you wish to make your own set, I won’t stop you. But luxury items are luxury priced and haggling attempts will be ignored.

Friend: “How long did this take you?”

Max: “Oh, about 24 hours, why?”

- Client Name

What to Expect After Purchase

So you’ve purchased a commission from me? First of all, you’re amazing.

Second, once you email (more information over on Ko-Fi), I’ll reach out to you via email so we can work out the colors you desire and the faux fur you’re looking for. Once we have reached an agreement, I’ll get to work. Once I send that term acceptance email, I will be unable to honor your refund or change your colors.

Commission Timing: Please allow 6-10 weeks for your commission to be completed. I will reach out periodically with updates as to where your project is and once a tracking number has been issued.

Commission Item Pricing

What if I don’t like my product once I receive it?

You paid for it. Chargeback? I report you for theft.

What happens if my button comes loose?

These are not pillows to sleep on/sit on. The nature of dupioni silk is a fairly loose weave and the buttons ensure that gorgeous pleating on each side. Each covered button is under a fair amount of stress. Please be gentle. If your buttons do become detached, reach out to me. I can walk you through the reattachment. If you’re local to the PNW, I can probably drive by and fix it for you!

My pillow smells like incense!

I’m nose-blind to the smells of my flat but often burn either Celestial incense or vanilla sandalwood wax while working. I’m a huge fan of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s perfume oils. These scents do work their way into my pieces. You can let the pillows air out for a couple of days, the scents will fade.

What if my throw or pillows get dirty?

Dryel or your local dry cleaner will be your best friend.

I want to share these with the world!

Thank you! Please tag @solowallingford on Twitter and @soloseattle on Instagram when you do. Or send me a cute little email with your photos. I love sharing the happy pretty!