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Eldritch Horrors from the Lazy Susan

AKA: Do Not Store Potatoes and Onions Together

Let’s set the scene. The Lazy Susan. The otherwise workhorse of the Kitchen cabinet corner. Or in my case, where all of my canned goods, and up to this point, my potatoes and onions lived since it was dark under there.

See that past tense? Because I’ve learned an incredibly valuable lesson that nobody bothered to tell me growing up. What I didn’t take into account was that my apartment has in-floor heating and it’s Seattle, it’s damp here.

Did you know that it’s an awful combination for a dark corner? Especially when storing potatoes and onions.

The Mistake

Did you know that potatoes and onions shouldn’t be stored together?

I didn’t. I do now.

Why? Because onions off-gas ethylene, which makes potatoes sprout and rot that much faster if they’re in proximity with each other. That same gas that makes your eyes water when you’re cutting onions? Yeah, that’s the culprit.

I had no idea.

Until I saw a potato melt in my lazy susan.



Serious Growth

I learned that after a few months, I say months because for a while there, I tried just not bothering with the lazy susan in hopes that the problem would you know, go away on its own.

Life doesn’t work that way.

I wish it did.

But since it didn’t go away on its own, in fact, the sprouting got worse, and I discovered that I can grow a mean potato with just moisture, darkness, and oh, other potatoes. I mean, can we say Eldritch Horror? Because I certainly did when I opened up the Lazy Susan this weekend.

Serious Yuck

I also had flashbacks to myself as a teenager back in Ohio. One summer, we had a serious fly issue and we couldn’t figure out why there was blood in our pantry. Until I saw it again and realized that when potatoes rot, they bleed.

It looks like blood. And it’s not pretty, but at least it was easy to clean up with a paper towel and a strong stomach. Fortunately, due to allergies and a recovering cold, I can’t smell very much.

Yes, I said, fortunately.

Oh, the tableau was surprisingly tame once you’re able to stomach the sprouting onions and potatoes everywhere. Cleanup was a different story (involved a lot of bleach), but I did come up with a helpful solution that I may need to revisit because I think my onions need to live in another spot all together as my taters are still sprouting. Just not as quickly.

Burlap bags

One major perk of living in Coffee Central, oh, I mean Seattle, is that my local hardware store carries burlap coffee sacks for weed-control. Coffee beans and all. I spotted them on my last trip to Stone Way Hardware and realized that I had a gold mine of burlap on my hands.

Almost a whole yard for wide burlap for less than a buck.

I got super excited and then realized that I could definitely solve my veggie problem with said burlap and some laundry line. So I fashioned together drawstring bags from burlap and after hanging a couple of hooks in my coat closet, the veggies now live in there.

A Lot of Soup

I also make a lot of soup. This is strictly so I can share my favorite potato soup recipe with you. You can go check out Gimme Some Oven’s Potato Soup recipe here. Sound off in the comments to share any horror stories you’ve had with veggie storage, because I’d love to laugh with you!

burlap drawstring bag

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