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Bang For Your Buck: The Lucid Mattress Review

lucid mattress as the base of the cuddle pit

Among the many things I did not expect to do during 2020, buying a Lucid Mattress from Amazon is right up there with moving and realizing my heart lived out on the Washington Coast. It went completely against my initial plan…

Okay, my plan was more “I have an outline of things I need to do, so let’s do this one thing and see how the rest works out” so maybe the appropriate word here is idea or outline?

The initial line-item was to purchase the Zinus Green Tea Mattress. Not because I had ever slept on one, because if ApartmentTherapy raved over it, and the 14,00+ reviews did also, surely I would rave over it myself. I even had my Amazon Credit Card (my vice) at the ready, but hit a stocking snag. 

The Queen-size mattresses were out of stock. They also wouldn’t be in stock until after I moved into my new flat. The daybed is the largest piece of furniture I own and with it practically in the middle of the living room, it needed a mattress the day I moved in.

Okay, time for an adjustment. I read through some of the Green Tea Mattress reviews and ended up getting a little squicked out by some of the negative reviews. But since it’s Amazon and there’s a lot of mattresses on there, I did some research on the budget best-sellers. I needed:

  • fast delivery
  • Comfort
  • something not terribly hot
  • under 300$
  • not be a complete suckfest

I also wasn’t going to use my first mattress. That was already slated for my bedroom, which is still odd to say after 2.5 years of living in 400 square feet.

Wait. What?

I already know what you’re going to ask and I can go ahead and answer that question. For the first time in a couple of years,I have a separate bedroom. 

In my excitement, I did purchase a Zinus bedframe (that review is online also), because now I can shut the door between my living room/kitchen and my bedroom. The Tuft & Needle Mattress will live back there, which I should go ahead and post a review for that as well since I’ve been sleeping on it near nightly for the almost-three years. I love my T&N mattress. I may purchase a King-size for my next move with the same, but larger bedframe.

The Lucid mattress would live in the Day Bed that sits in my living room and is affectionately referred to as the Cuddle Pit. It would be sat on, sometimes slept on, definitely lounged on, and should expect to hold at minimum one body, but in upwards of three or four bodies, so good edge support would be required.

I know the adage is, “you get what you pay for”, but sometimes, you get a great bang for your buck, and in this case, that bang would be my Lucid Mattress.

The Lucid Mattress Specs

Measurements: 60” x 80” x 10”

Firmness: Medium

Amazon Listing

Disclosures: I’m an Amazon Prime Member, so I received free shipping.

Price at time of Purchase: $231.99

Current Price: $290

Review Count at Time of Post: 18,865 (4.4 out of 5 stars)

Initial Thoughts

Oh, it arrived early. A week earlier than Amazon slated, so it lived in my foyer for a week because the painters needed to be in the hallway.

There were a couple of bleary ones after unpacking. I had started moving in around 2 am that morning and got around to unpacking the mattress about… 12 hours later. This was after Chris H’s husband, Adam helped me reassemble the daybed with only three “I can’t find the damn hole” comments. Why Adam and not Chris? Well, she was seven months pregnant. Her only project was to “sit her ass down and look pretty.”

The first? “Is it going to expand on the corners?”

This is also one of the biggest complaints in the reviews I saw. But given Adam and I sort of rolled it out of the package and flopped it on the floor while we waited and moved everything else into my flat, I wasn’t expecting very much. You get what you pay for, right?

I’m pleasantly surprised when I say “not quite.”

The second? “Wait, it’s bumpy on the bottom.”

The third and final initial thought? “I expected it to smell funnier.”

Lucid Mattress Pros

My first pleased comment: It’s squishy. It is memory foam and the biggest complaint across the board about memory foam mattresses?

They get hot.

This one doesn’t due to the gel-infused memory foam. But heavier bodies will sink into it if you concentrate your weight in one spot. Like I do, when I sit cross-legged on it. 

It’s also great for naps that accidentally turn into all-night sleep. I’ve accidentally woken myself up with a sunrise once or twice and sleeping in my living room was not how I planned to spend that night, but that also means that sometimes, I detest moving from one spot. It’s so comfortable! 

A bonus is the Lucid mattress’s soft but pleasant firmness even knocks my hyperactive bestie down for the count when she “accidentally” falls over. I just wake her up and hour and a half later. She needs all the sleep she can get.

One of my requirements was edge retention, which on this mattress is pretty amazing. I can leave a leg or two over the edge for hours, in upwards of eight, and once you get up, you just watch the mattress reshape itself as if you were never there.

I mentioned noticing the bottom was covered in silicone bumps, not unlike those house slippers with the textured bottoms. Unlike my T&N, the Lucid mattress, once in place, will not shift on you which is great because the daybed has bunky boards rather than an actual frame for the mattress. 

I purchased the ten-inch Lucid mattress as I have a 10” T&N and felt that between the daybed frame and the mattress, it was a great height for short legs. I stand by that decision, though my mattress slip could stand to have an extra inch or two of height to fill it out better.  

Lucid Mattress Cons

Just two and they’re somewhat tiny but enough that I feel the need to mention them.

  1. The corners: I’m not sure what happened. I guess I didn’t let the mattress keep expanding, but the corners on this Lucid Mattress only expanded to about eight inches and not ten as advertised. This means sheets may fit a bit wonky since the corners aren’t filled out. This makes for a wibbly mattress slip, but nothing I can’t fix with mattress straps if it bothers me too much. It does look a bit weird though.
  2. Heat: Sometimes the Lucid Mattress gets warm. Which is great for the winter, but sucks for the summer.

The First Full-Sleep

Mind you, it was an accident. Because of the way I stage the Cuddlepit, a line of Euro pillows is my “sofa back” (technical term: scatterback). I am a firm believer in down/feather pillows because they have more depth to them, so we have seven pillows back there and that’s before I even start with the throw pillows, whose numbers vary because it really depends on my mood that week.

But I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I just meant to take a nap.

Which I wouldn’t advise to do at 11pm, but I was trying to be efficient with my time and wake up an hour and half later so I could go back to writing. Between the pillows and the mattress, and the warm embrace of a trusty blanket that lives in the cuddle pit (I clearly don’t need it elsewhere), I ended up sleeping for four hours.

I woke up to the sun being rude and shining in my eyes. Which was deliberate and why I put the day bed where I did, but semantics. But I also realized even with my sleep position, my back didn’t hurt. Which it does when I sleep on the other sofa by sheer accident.

Small win in my book.

Would You Buy the Lucid Mattress Again? 

Absolutely if I had a second guest room absolutely. If I had to give up my T&N for whatever reason, I’d consider it. There is another mattress I’d like to try also. I may even consider swapping my T&N and Lucid for a month to see how sleeping on it nightly fares.

Would I suggest the Lucid mattress to friends? Absolutely. Especially if they were looking for an inexpensive but good box mattress in a world of pretty expensive ones that don’t sleep well (looking at you, Casper).

So talk to me, have you played in the box mattress game yourself? If so, what mattress did you buy, and would you suggest it to others? Talk to me in the comments because I will rave for days about my Tuft & Needle mattress…

And I guess now I’ll also rave about the Lucid mattress too.

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