Cross-Country Moving (& how much it sucks)

What are two topics that mean “racket” to you?

For me that’s weddings and babies. Mention either of those two words and suddenly everything is so much more expensive.

Let’s also add one more: Cross-Country moving.

Why? Because everything is specialized! Only certain moving companies will do it. You may need a Pod, or four pods and a truck. You have to pay for the truck, the gas, and so help you if that crew gets lost.

If you paid for them.

Or do what I did. I said “sod it all”, sold everything I owned (well, what didn’t fit into my car), and took myself on a 6,000 mile roadtrip.

Everything you see in the picture below is what ended up in my car, including 2 humans and minus one rather pissed-off cat because I heard her crying as soon as I left the apartment for good.

  • Two steamer trunks
  • Four Thirty-One Utility totes
  • That red weekender
  • Two backpacks
  • Two purses
  • Two Helmer Drawer Units
  • A drying rack
  • Those pictures you see behind the door
  • One large turquoise suitcase

All of it came with Kat and myself along our drive up I-74, across I-80 for two days, up I-84, and finally up I-5 to a not-so-final trip to IKEA. Home stretch was up the 509 to the soon to SR 99 and into my new home for good. The trip was spread over three days due to weather and funds. We traded off at every gas station, so around every 400 miles, or in one petty case, making sure Kat’s hangover allowed her to drive because she had to walk into the hotel room screaming at 2am.

In The End

In total, the trip was around $800. Which is a good deal less than the $6,000 quote I received from a moving company. Of course, this did not include Kat’s flight back to Kentucky. I upgraded her to business class as an apology for dropping her off 3 hours too early at SEA-TAC. All in all, it was around $1,300.

Are you stuck in this same spot?

Make Google your friend. You’ll want to be prepared to answer a lot of phonecalls. It may get frustrating. But weigh your options. The hardest way may actually be the cheapest when it comes to a cross-country move.

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