What is Up with All The Teal?

The first words I hear out of people who are visiting my space for the very first time is one of two phrases:

  1. Wow, you have a lot of velvet (more on this later).
  2. Wow, you must really like teal.

Well, the first is because when I get really anxious, I tend to pet whatever soft surface I can get my hands on and velvet for the first couple of decades of my life felt incredibly decadent. So velvet to Natasha in her 30s is her way of indulging in something she never could afford back 10-15 years ago. Give me all of the velvet!

The teal was for two reasons. The first is because I adore gem tones and teal is right up there with emerald greens, merlots, aubergines, and navy blues in my books. I find these tones to slide into that hole I never knew I had growing up, which was infused with a lot of ribbon yellows, bright/light blues, and a lot of white. But none of these choices were ever mine to make.

Now they are. But there’s also a pretty rational and hilarious reason for the teal.

I have teal hair, well, as of this entry, teal, AND purple, but I’ve had a fun hair color for the last year now.

What nobody tells you about the “fun fashion” colors is that they bleed. They bleed a lot for a few weeks after you get them done. So my sheets, my main pillows, my chairs (and soon to be sofa), blankets, you name it, they are teal.

Are you ready for the reason?

Nobody can see when my hair bleeds on the furniture/linens. A few teal streaks on a teal-colored shower curtain mean nothing in the long run. When your shower curtain already has teal decor – you just added to the art! But when your friend with red velvet cake hair comes over and crashes at your place, you can tell where they’ve been.

The red stains on a pink pillow, which was subsequently declared “Al’s pillow” that I may or may not throw at them each time they’re over.

Red on the shower curtain and shower walls, to be erased by Hjordis and her amazing chemical science that I simply call magic.

Occasional red stains on the sink from their hair falling and my being lazy about cleaning it up. You know when they’ve visited or at least I do until I sweep the floor of the hair. Or pick it from the mattress slip and pillows.

But their linens at their own place are red. Towels are red, can you see where we’re going with this?

I added the dusty rose and magenta accents because I didn’t want my space to be a sea of teal. White was to play off the already-painted walls that I had no control over, but would still look good when and if I move to a new apartment. By keeping my color scheme cohesive now, I have a better idea of what my next space will also need.

And what it already looks good with.